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The members area holds: A step-by-step guide to the online classes, The weekly insight newsletter, The billing portal, The class recordings list, The site and podcast supporters page

Members Area

Welcome to the membership page of The Meditation Course.

There are four membership tiers:

  • Free subscription
  • Supporters subscription
  • The Meditation Course subscription
  • The Deepening Course subscription

This page is the starting point for everything related to subscription and membership. . To learn what you get as a member, click the subscribe button or your avatar if you've already joined.

You will find the membership page for each individual subscription tier on this page below.

Over time I shall add more to this page including links to past training.

Contents of this page


A Step-by-Step guide on how to join the online guided classes from the emails, from this site and from our WhatsApp Group

Step-By-Step Guidance on Accessing the Classes
A Step-By-Step process explaining how to access the classes from the emails, on the site and via the WhatsApp Group.

Classes on The Meditation Course

Our regular live online guided meditation classes on Zoom are for paid subscribers. Currently, the classes are at the following times (All times are for London, United Kingdom).

  • Saturdays at 10 am.
  • Sundays at 7 pm
  • Tuesdays at 1  pm.
  • Thursdays at 7 pm.
Classes - The Meditation Course
These are the live guided meditation classes taught on The Meditation Course.

Weekly Insights

In my free weekly insights blog and newsletter, I post on all things related to meditation, mindfulness, resilience, and any associated topics.

Insights - The Meditation Course
Welcome to the home of my weekly insights blog and newsletter.The articles will follow and support my online and in-person training themes and series.


Click the button below to visit your personal billing portal for our payment partner Stripe.

If you have any queries after checking the billing portal please contact me.


The Meditation Course Podcast is the podcast I publish to support my online meditation course.Learn to meditate with regular live group meditation classes.


Please feel free to contact me by the methods below with any questions, commentsor observations you have. Contact me by emailEmail Robert []-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me on WhatsApp WhatsApp [https://w…

Class Recordings

Class Recordings
Posts with recordings of classes that members of The Meditation Course can access. Wherever I have produced a podcast from one of these, links to the podcast are in the relevant post.

About The Meditation Course

Start Here to Learn About The Meditation Course
How It Works The Meditation Course is a continuous course of Live online group guided meditation classes on Zoom. The classes are recorded to listen to later on this site. The training runs throughout the year with a few short breaks for holidays. Currently, classes run at these times each

About The Deepening Course

About the Deepening Course
About The Deepening Course:What is it?Why do I want it?How do I get it?

Podcast Supporters Membership

Podcast Supporters Membership
Membership Home for the Podcast Supporters Members