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Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

"Robert Mitchell and I met when I attended one of his mindfulness classes in Bromley. I found it really practical and applicable to daily life. At my invitation, Robert started some sessions at our hospital. Short sessions for healthcare workers. The feedback has been excellent and more and more clinical staff have attended his sessions and found them to be highly relevant and useful in their daily lives. Highly recommended!"

- Dr Ali Bokhari Director of Medical Education Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust - Associate County Dean for Kent, Health Education KSS

Ofgem - UK Government Energy Regulator

"Robert delivered our ‘Mind Over Matter’ Wellness Day in 2015. Since then he has provided well-received Mindfulness-Based Resilience training sessions at Ofgem and continues to work with us to support our staff’s wellbeing. I have personally attended Robert’s mindfulness and meditation training which gave me the tools and techniques to manage stressful and difficult situations in my professional and personal life, which I have benefitted from as have those around me."

- Alison Shomade, Ofgem’s People Project Manager

Mind - the mental health charity

"Mindkit is a project run by Mind, the mental health charity and Goldsmiths University that delivers evidence-based, Wellbeing and Resilience sessions to young people.Robert consulted to Mindkit on Mindfulness and Resilience training for over a year in the early stages of the project. Robert worked with me to formulate strategies, liaised with the project team and directly trained our volunteers.MindKit has since delivered Mindfulness and Resilience training to over 18,000 young people.Robert’s hard work, knowledge and experience was invaluable in the formation of the project. His input was pivotal in forming our strategy and the approach which has worked so well.Robert continues to be a source of rich information and guidance for the subsequent projects I have carried out within Mind. I am yet to meet a resilience teacher with his level of insight, and could not recommend him more highly!"

- Michael Matania, Wellbeing and resilience coordinator for Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Mind

Bromley Well

"Robert Mitchell led a 4-week Mindfulness for Resilience course for our carers. 100% of attendees said they think the techniques learned will help them to cope better with their caring roles!"

Bromley Well is a collaboration between Bromley Council and the NHS and is dedicated to the wellbeing of the 300,000 residents of the Borough.

Bromley Well Adult Carers

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“I couldn’t possibly write a review that does Robert justice – his teachings and compassion have genuinely changed my life!! At one point, I was unable to leave the house due to anxiety and since attending Bromley Mindfulness my life has burst right open – there is so much I can do and see that I couldn’t before. He is so very wise, honest, supportive and inclusive. There have been times my paycheque doesn’t stretch to the amazing things being offered and during those times he has very selflessly invited me along on a concession. The community is FULL of kind and caring people, which I believe is the ultimate testament to Robert’s work and personality. I consider myself a student for life - Endlessly thankful. Bless you Robert.”

Marie Penrose


"Robert Mitchell greeted me at the very start of my new journey - I’m not a fan of the word journey but that’s what we are all on, and I was luckily enough to have met Robert as a teacher and guide to start my new way of ‘being’.

Before I met Robert I had been physically unwell as a result of my general feelings towards life - I was fed-up, my head was stuck in a complete rut. I was constantly overthinking, which was extremely exhausting and I was an expert in self-sabotaging.

I was not the easiest student.

Up until joining Roberts class it didn’t seem to matter what I would do or try, I just couldn’t quieten my mind, it was like it was on steroids, and as a result I was having feelings of overwhelm resulting in bouts of anxiety and dips into depression.

I started attending Roberts meditation classes and very quickly I started feeling radical changes.

Roberts extensive knowledge which accompanies  his support of your own practice, taught me an understanding and awareness of myself that I had never known before - which within time allowed me to accept me.

That was quite a revelation. In fact it was life changing!

As a result of Robert’s teachings, knowledge, kindness and support I have gone on to retrain and I am now a holistic counsellor and therapist.

I am often sharing Roberts wisdom and practices to my clients that resulted in my peace of mind and my fulfilment for life.

Thank you Robert - I highly  recommend you as a person and as a meditation guide and teacher."

Michelle Goggi on Facebook

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"I have recommended to a lot of people I know, and I will continue to do so. Bromley Mindfulness changed my outlook on life for the better, and the techniques I learnt during the course have helped me overcome difficult situations and I am sure this will continue going forward. Thank you Robert."

Amylee Parker


"I am someone who struggles to meditate and I’m not able to attend as often as I would like, but I have found Robert’s classes and the course really helpful. I find when I attend that I am much calmer as it seems to help meditating in a group, as there is a lovely relaxed energy. I also use ‘gratitude ‘ every day, which has made me feel much more, how can I put it, grateful for what I have in life. Thankyou Robert also for being very helpful and supportive after class."

Deborah Carlini


"I’ve been a regular student at Bromley Mindfulness for over 4yrs . I highly recommend Roberts classes, courses and retreats. He’s friendly, compassionate, super knowledgeable, and he has the perfect voice for guided meditations!"

Julia Osborne

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