Welcome to the home of The Meditation Course and The Deepening Course
  • Both courses are continuous.
  • The training is delivered at the pace of the students in the groups.
There are also many public resources available on this site.

Training resources on this site are

  • Live Streamed Meditation Classes several times each week.
  • Articles published on this site.
  • Posts relating to both of my Podcasts
  • The Meditation Course Handbook (a serialised book).
You can learn about The Meditation Course, The Deepening Course, Robert (the author), and the training by clicking the links below.

About The Meditation Course

About The Meditation Course
The Meditation Course is designed for people learning meditation or returning to meditation.The 4 sections on this page explain everything you need to know about The Meditation Course.

About The Deepening Course

About the Deepening Course
About The Deepening Course:What is it?Why do I want it?How do I get it?
About The Deepening Course Link

About Robert

About Robert
I am Robert Mitchell, the Founder of Bromley Mindfulness and Author of The Meditation Course.I would like to tell you about me and my meditation journey, about the origins of the Mindfulness-Based Resilience framework that I teach, and how it can help you.

About The Site Subscriptions

About The Site Subscriptions
Come here to learn about the site subscriptions.Membership OptionsHow to SubscribePaymentSigning InStaying Signed InUnsubscribing/CancellingAbout This Site’s Authentication and Session Management (For Geeks)

About the Podcasts

I run two podcasts. The Meditation Course Podcast and The Loving Awareness Podcast. The Meditation Course Podcast is only meditations. If all you want to do is meditate and you don’t wan’t to listen to the full classes, you can tune into this and it will run from one meditation

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