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Transform your life with Meditation

The Meditation Course is a powerful way to build and maintain a meditation practice that will stand the test of time. The Meditation Course is Four Live weekly group-guided meditation classes plus a library of previous courses, classes, recordings and supporting articles. This level of live meditation guidance and support just isn't available for secular meditators.

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Why settle for a talking head recorded course that runs for just a few weeks when you can join us Live Four Times Each Week Throughout the Year?

Meditation isn't a sprint. It's a marathon. So, it's best to pace yourself. Life may get on top of you, but The Meditation Course is always here to tune into throughout the year.

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Build your meditation practice effortlessly

You will learn a training framework called 'The Frictionless Way'. The Frictionless Way is a set of zero-effort (and in some cases, zero-time) practices that can help you build mindfulness without the need to follow a rigorous schedule.

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Some of us have been meditating together for ten years (since the early days of the Bromley Mindfulness Meditation Classes). The Meditation Course is one of the many ways we all stay connected.

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Join us now and thrive in a supportive community dedicated to building focus and calm through meditation.