Welcome to The Meditation Course website. I'm Robert Mitchell, author of the course.

The Meditation Course is the latest evolution of training that I have been delivering since 2013. Over the last eight years I have run thousands of meditation, mindfulness and resilience training classes, courses and retreats. I also run two podcasts with over 100,000 downloads.

My goal is to teach as many people as possible the skills and tools that I used to change my life for the better.

My commitment to you is to make the training as accessible and useful as I possibly can.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my About Page and read my Reviews.

Highly Recommended! - Dr. Ali Bokhari, Director of Medical Education for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.

What is The Meditation Course?

The Meditation Course is meditation training aimed at those learning, or returning, to meditation.

The heart of the training is regular weekly live-streamed meditation classes and supporting content. The classes run throughout the year. The live-streams are recorded and can be accessed on this site by paid members.

My Commitment to Quality

No religious dogma. No pseudo-science.

You do not need to believe, or not believe, anything to benefit from the training.

Accessible and Inclusive. Everyone is welcome!

Just Ancient Practices Taught In A Modern Way.

My life has burst right open – there is so much I can do and see that I couldn’t before - Student for Life - Endlessly thankful - Marie on Google

Discover what is different about The Meditation Course

What's The Difference?
  • We don't listen to apps. We meditate in a group, online and in-person.
  • We are part of a community that meets to meditate regularly together and also connects and socialises.
  • We are constantly learning new practices and improving our old practices as part of a consistent framework.
  • We have either structured learning or self-directed learning to suit our learning style.

The best way to build your meditation practice is to meditate with a group, led by an experienced meditation teacher. Online or offline.

Meditation has been taught as a Group Activity for thousands of years.

Become part of a community that meets regularly to meditate together.

Join us to attend our regular weekly live-streamed classes and boost your practice.
I have known Robert for a number of years and have taken  a number of the courses run by Robert. I can highly recommend both the courses and weekly meditations, it has enabled me to become calmer and focused in all aspects of my life. - Denise on Google.

Reasons to be comfortable joining The Meditation Course

You can join on a Monthly Paid subscription for the same cost as a weekly Starbucks Latte.
I offer a money back guarantee if it is not for you.
My training is backed up by Sparkling Five Star Reviews!

What you get with a Paid Subscription

To successfully build your practice, you need consistency and you need to meditate in a group. Every successful meditator does this at some point.

You can attend our weekly live-streamed video and audio meditation classes. The classes are based on either the topics of the month or a short course.

All live-streamed classes are broadcast simultaneously on YouTube AND Podbean. Podbean is an audio live-streaming platform.

The live-streams are then uploaded to YouTube for future reference. We also convert some classes into Podcast episodes.

You can dip in and out of the 21 training units. Currently there are 90 training articles. You can browse them without a paid subscription. You can work through them in your own time and at your own pace.

This has been a fantastic find. I have learned that techniques which I might have previously dismissed as “airy fairy” really do work and are incredibly powerful. - Martin on Facebook

Training content

The weekly live-streamed meditation class is currently on Thursday evenings at 7 pm London time - 1 pm Chicago time.

There are 40 training videos in the exclusive Meditation Course YouTube playlist. You can browse through and view them whenever you wish on YouTube.

There are five complete short courses (soon to be seven with more on the way).

I feel more engaged with life and have a toolkit I can go to when I need it. - Caroline on Facebook.

A list of the Short Courses you can access with a Paid Subscription

A Short Course is a 'Course within the Course'.

I start by choosing a topic for a Short Course. Usually the topic is something suggested by students. I then run the Short Course as a structured course within The Meditation Course within the time-slots allocated to the live-stream episodes.

  • The 7 easy steps to meditation short course
  • The walking meditation and mindful walking short course
  • The Sleep short-course
  • The essentials of mindfulness-based resilience short-course
  • The 4-week Pranayama course
  • Calming The Monkey Mind - A four week course
  • The Gratitude Sessions - An 8 week journey into building resilience through positive emotional training (On lovingawareness.fm)
  • More to come in 2021!

I am yet to meet a resilience teacher with Robert’s level of insight, and could not recommend him more highly! - Michael Matania of Mind - the mental health charity.

Training Units

The extensive recorded course content (back-catalog) is structured as collection of Training Units.

Each Training Unit is a collection of Articles containing Content on a particular topic.

The Training Units are ordered with the most basic training first. How To Meditate, How To Build a Regular Practice, Posture, A Framework for Meditation etc.

Everyone has a different learning style. You can either work through the units and articles in order, or browse for what you want to learn.

You can explore because each class both stands alone and also is part of the structured training.

Robert gave me the tools and techniques to manage stressful and difficult situations in my professional and personal life, which I have benefitted from as have those around me.  - Alison Shomade, Ofgem (UK Govt. Energy Regulator) People Project Manager

Below are the Training Units that you can view right now with a  monthly paid subscription.

You can view the latest training units by browsing this website.

A1: Introduction and info - 8 articles
A2: How to Meditate - 7 articles
A3: 7 Easy Steps to Mastering Meditation - 9 articles
A4: Following the Breath - 8 articles
A5: Counting The Breaths -4 articles
A6: The Self-Compassion Meditation and the Guidance Framework - 3 articles
A7: The Meditation of No Meditation - 5 articles
A8: Labelling the Thoughts - 3 articles
A9: The Destress Meditation - 1 article
B1: The Compassion Meditation - 1 article
B2: The Labelling the Quality of Thought Meditation - 3 articles
B3: The Candle and The Breath - 5 articles
B4: The Body Scan - 2 articles
B5: Managing Stress - The Relaxation Practices - 1 article
B6: Managing Fear and Anxiety - 1 article
B7: Loving Kindness - 3 articles
B8: Walking Meditation and Mindful Walking - 2 articles
B9: Short Courses - Essentials - Sleep - Walking Meditation - 3 articles
C1: Mindfulness-Based Resilience - 6 articles
C3: 4-Week Pranayama Course - 5 articles
C4: Resilience and Meta-Awareness - 1 article
C5: Noting, Rest and Sleep - 3 articles
C6: How To Calm Your Monkey Mind - 5 articles

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