Step-By-Step Guidance on Accessing the Classes

A Step-By-Step process explaining how to access the classes from the emails, on the site and via the WhatsApp Group.

Step-By-Step Guidance on Accessing the Classes

Welcome to The Meditation Course

The heart of the course is the four weekly online guided meditation classes.

I run these classes throughout most of the year with breaks for holidays and if for any reason I can’t broadcast.

*Note that you do not need a Password.

If you are signed in you will see an Account button in the top right navigation. And the floating button on the bottom right of the page will be an avatar.

You can access the classes by visiting the Members area in the navigation on the top right of every webpage on the site and then clicking on the Classes link.

Joining the classes from the emails

So long as you are subscribed to the newsletter (which you will be if you have just joined) you will get links to the Zoom classes emailed directly to your inbox. Clicking on the email will take you to the post where you can click the Zoom link and join the class.

Joining the classes from the website

Click on Members at the top right navigation of the website.

If you are not signed in you will see green Subscribe buttons at the top right and bottom right of your webpage.

To sign in click either Subscribe button.

Scroll down until you see the text 'Already a member? Sign in.'

Click on Sign in.

Add your email address and click Continue.

Visit your email inbox where you will see an email from the site with a Magic link.

Click the Sign in button or copy and paste the Sign in link into a browser and you will be taken to the website and signed into the account. There is no need for a password.

Joining the classes from The Meditation Course WhatsApp group

If you would prefer to be notified in our WhatsApp group chat, join The Meditation Course WhatsApp group here.

The Meditation Course

I post a link in the WhatsApp group which takes you to the link on the website before I begin each class.

I also post links to news, announcements, podcasts and blog articles in the WhatsApp Group.

Any Questions?

If you have any problems with any of this, please contact me using the links in the Contact section below.

Please feel free to contact me by the methods below with any questions, commentsor observations you have. Contact me by emailEmail Robert []-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me on WhatsApp WhatsApp [https://w…