Welcome to The Deepening Course Home Page!

The Deepening Course is a year-round, dogma-free, inclusive and accessible exploration of meditation, mindfulness, personal growth and transformational change.

Open to everyone with meditation experience who wants to discover their true potential.

"I have everyone from deeply spiritual students to committed atheists in my classes. Our human experience transcends these boundaries and this is the area that I work in." - Robert.

What is the Deepening Course?

The Deepening Course is a self-development course for people with meditation experience.

Alternating online, group and one-to-one training throughout the year for experienced meditators that want to use the potential of meditation to transform their lives.

You will learn how to take the actions and make the changes you need to transform your practices and your life.

The Deepening Course is a journey of personal development designed to help you build a repeatable process of continuous self-improvement.

Who is the Deepening Course for?

The Deepening Course is designed for meditators, yoginis, coaches, counsellors, therapists, and healthcare practitioners that are committed to self-improvement and personal transformation.

Dogma and Pseudo-Science Free, Non-Religious and Practical Training.

What will I get for my money?

Will I qualify for enrolment?

If you have demonstrable meditation experience then subject to our enrolment process which includes a call with me, you should be able to join us.

Contact me to begin the enrolment process.

Why Join the Deepening Course?

When we begin to learn, we need information and practice.

Once we have the skills and experience, we can all benefit from guidance, support and encouragement from peers, guides, and mentors. The Deepening Course is a source of guidance and mentoring designed to help your practice grow.

There is a path to inner wisdom which can free you to believe in yourself, then believe that others can believe in you.

What sort of training is the Deepening Course?

The Deepening Course is Hybrid Training. Group training is mixed with one-to-one coaching sessions on alternate weeks.

Group training is every other week. During the intervening week, I provide an online one-to-one coaching session.

The two week period between each group training will give you enough time to practice before the next class fully supported by our coaching session.

The classes are online only on Zoom and Podbean for the group sessions and Zoom for the one-to-one coaching sessions.

Included in the single monthly subscription payment, you can also attend any or all of my other in-person or online meditation classes.

Inclusion is our primary value.

We want the training to be accessible for any experienced meditators, so the entire course will take place online.

What is the format of the course?

There will be alternate weeks of group training and personal coaching.

The group training sessions are 90 minutes. In the intermediate weeks, you will get a 15-minute personal one to one coaching and guidance session.

Notes from our coaching session will be emailed to you. I shall act as your accountability buddy for the practices and you can ask any questions relevant to the practices, your personal meditation journey and training.

What are the dates for the first semester in 2022?

The first semester begins on Wednesday, Jan 19 and finishes on Wednesday, July 20.

We break for all school holidays though you can still attend The Meditation Course online classes or the in-person classes.

The group classes are on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to 8:30 pm on alternate weeks.

One to one sessions are by mutual arrangement in the intervening weeks. You will be able to book online automatically.

First Semester 2022

Spring Term

Wed Jan 19 - Wed Feb 9  (4 weeks)

- Spring Half Term Break

Wed Feb 23 - Wed Mar 30 (6 weeks)

- Easter Break

Summer Term

Wed 20 April - Wed 25 May (6 weeks)

- Summer Half Term Break

Wed 8 Jun - Wed 20 July (7 weeks)

What are the fees?

Subscription membership is £87 per month

You also have Free access (during your subscription months) to:

  • The 6-week Mindfulness-Based Resilience courses.
  • All of The Meditation Course Classes and Content.
  • In-person meditation classes.

Contact me to begin the enrolment process or if you have any questions.