Trying Not To Try Part 2 - The Light Touch Clarity Meditation

Trying Not To Try Part 2 - The Light Touch Clarity Meditation

The Chin Mudra

The chin mudra is a common hand gesture in meditation originally from yogic practice. You touch your thumb tip to your first fingertip. People usually do this sitting cross-legged, hands on their thighs or knees but you can do this in any posture and at any time.

The Light Touch Clarity Meditation

Press your thumb and finger lightly together with 'the lightest possible touch'. So light they are hardly connected and at certain points you cen feel that they aren't actually touching though there is still the sense that they are... Do this at the beginning of your meditation, just let it be and continue with your usual practice. Your body will relax on its own. When you check your hands later, you'll find they're relaxed too.

How to Focus

Use the same light touch to as a focused attention meditation similar to following the breath. Keep your attention on maintaining the lightest possible pressure between your thumb and finger. Sometimes they might not even touch, but you'll still feel a connection. This is a simple way to focus your mind.

Why It's Useful

The chin mudra is a useful tool for anyone who meditates. If you haven't tried it yet, it's well worth spending some time on. And adding the light touch elevates the usefulness.

The Problem It Solves

Many of us spend our lives applying maximum effort to achieve our goals, then when we learn meditation we are told: "Just let it go..." or "Just stop trying." We are then in the world of 'Trying Not To Try!'. With this practice we can try as hard as we want without creating any resistance. Go ahead and test it out for yourself!



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