The Meditation Course Podcast March 2021

The Meditation Course Podcast March 2021

The Loving Awareness Meditation Course Podcast is quite popular with about 4/5 thousand donwloads per month but... I have been asked on a number of occasions for podcast episodes that are 'Just Meditations' so that listeners can tune in and go from one meditation to another.

The focus for The Meditation Course Podcast is simply meditations.

Currently there are 13 podcast episodes with a new episode being added every three or four days.

Here are the episodes so far - March 10 2021

  • Welcome to the Podcast - A two minute introduction from Robert
  • Meditating on our External experience
  • Essential Meditations from The Meditation Course
  • Meditation, the Gaze, Stress and Anxiety
  • The 4-6 Breaths Meditation
  • The Four Tens Meditation
  • The Following the Breath Meditation
  • The Counting the Breaths Meditation
  • Labelling the Thoughts
  • The Candle And The Breath
  • Labelling the Quality of Thoughts
  • The Karma Yoga Meditation
  • The Meditation of No Meditation for Sound

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The Meditation Course Podcast is meditations from the regular, weekly meditation classes that I teach in-person or online. The classes offer continuous training rather than just an introductory course. So if you are learning meditation, or returning to meditation, you can pick up where you left off…


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