The Inner Awareness Meditation

The Inner Awareness Meditation

New Podcast Episode - 3 May 2021 - Season 4, Episode 17 (my 117th podcast since 2018).

May is #lovingawareness month

Loving Awareness is living with a sense of connection to nature and to others.

Our culture separates us from each other. It separates us physically, emotionally, ideologically, and spiritually.

In this class, I explain how I work with my personal tendency for Othering and teach a meditation focused on inner awareness.

Othering (in this context and used as a verb) refers to how we actively separate ourselves from others psychologically. This causes us to feel different to others and also separate and also possibly rejected.

We are all members of a single global family of living beings.
All creatures are related to us, and we are related to all beings, including all human beings.

We are energy beings.

Human beings cannot survive for more than three minutes without Oxygen.

Every breath we take is a transfer of energy that has been donated over billions of years by living beings (plants and bacteria) as Oxygen.
Our contribution, in return, is to replace that Oxygen with Carbon Dioxide (ideally not too much of it, though).

Plants and bacteria need our contribution in the same way that we need theirs.

Oxygen is the product of the energy donated to us by these other members of the global family of living beings.

Also essential for each of us is our connection to the global family of human beings. The food on the shelves, the buildings we live in, medicines, water, everything we use, and everything we need is part of the immense collaborative process of humanity.

Perceiving other human beings and nature as separate is utterly insane. Yet, this is how we perceive ourselves in the modern world. This is what we are taugh to believe.

We are social animals designed to live in a group in nature with a bond that can only be described as unconditional love.

Every kind of suffering, misery, and distress exists in our world due to this sense of otherness.

The Great Reconnection

My personal journey has been one of reconnecting to myself, my body, my mind, others, and nature.

I invite you to join me on this journey of re-connection. In the same way that the skills and knowledge were donated to me, I also contribute what I have learned. I hope that the practice that I teach in this class will help you join me in The Great Reconnection that we all so desperately need to be part of.

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