The Energy Tree

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Understanding the Energy Tree

The "Energy Tree" is a conceptual training aid that I have created. It's designed to show how the mindfulness and meditation practices I teach support us in our hectic modern lives.

The Branches: Growth And The Spectrum of Energy

The energy tree has five main branches, each representing a different kind of energy:

  1. Physical energy - We all know what exhaustion feels like. We need to learn how to connect to our physiology and recover effectively.
  2. Emotional energy - Emotional rollercoasters and constant anxiety deplete our emotional energy. We need to learn how to process our emotions in a healthy way.
  3. Cognitive energy - We all know there is a limit to pushing our bodies, but for some reason, we don't accept that our minds also have limits. Cognitive energy relies on focus and adequate rest.
  4. Motivational energy - The best way to describe motivational energy is as 'will'. Are we changing out lives for the better? Or are we just responding as life happens to us?
  5. Connective energy - Connecting to our bodies, minds, others, and nature takes energy. This connection is essential for our well-being.

The Roots: The Frictionless Way

The roots represent ten sets of practices I call the "frictionless way". We can use them to build and maintain our mindfulness and meditation habits frictionlessly. The practices fit in with our lives rather than us battling to find the time to practice.

Symbolism of the Trunk: Embracing the Present Moment

The trunk represents mindful present-moment awareness. It shows how the practices combine to create the energy you need to improve your life.

What To Expect

I will work through the elements of the energy tree in the next few weeks on The Meditation Course and at the drop-in meditation classes. You can then explore how to use this knowledge to cultivate a richer and more grounded life.



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