Emotional Energy

Emotional Energy

Class 2 of The Energy Tree Series

Understanding Emotional Energy

I divide our overall energy separately so we can use the divide-and-rule principle. A key component of our overall energy is our emotional energy. We can measure emotional energy by our level of anxiety and stress. The higher the stress - the lower the emotional energy. And by how easily we are triggered into emotional overwhelm. Whether that's an angry outburst, sadness, or any other feeling that drags us down.

There are two tools that we can use to rebuild our emotional energy.

Tools for Emotional Stability

The first emotional stability tool is emotional regulation, which is learning to intervene in our emotional state when our response is out of proportion or out of context. And the second tool is emotional release, where we process our emotional baggage. In the modern world, we all carry this burden of emotional baggage until we learn to release it. Our ancestors would do this all in the tribal dance. But because we don't have any tribes, we can't do those dances.

Emotional Processing

So, we need the physical process to work through our emotions. The best way to do this varies from one person to another. I teach emotional release in the Mindfulness-Based Resilience courses and emotional regulation in The Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Resilience courses.

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