New Features for Paid Subscribers

New Features for Paid Subscribers
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Hi Everyone,

I'm really pleased to be able to announce a huge upgrade for meditation course paid subscribers.

Feature 1. On-Site Recordings of the Live Classes

Each guided meditation class will be available both live and also as a recording on The Meditation Course website at

As soon as possible after running at each class, I will upload the recording to the same web page as the live class. To access the recording from one of our class post emails, click the VIEW ONLINE link near the top of the email.

Once I have uploaded the recording, I will post an update in The Meditation Course WhatsApp group with a link to the recording page.

Feature 2. In-Page Comments

At the bottom of each post, you will notice a text box and a comment button. Feel free to leave comments and feedback on each post. In addition, other subscribers can also reply to your comments, and we can have full conversations.

Rolling Out the New Features

I shall trial these new features in December. You can give feedback to me on how it works for you and ask any questions by commenting on the website post itself or sending me a message on WhatsApp.

Free Public Pilot Class

I have made the first recording public so that free subscribers can see how it works.

The topic of the class is Deconstructing Burnout. Learn what burnout is, how it comes about, and what we can do to avoid or recover from it.

Discover this evening at 7 pm London time at our live online guided meditation class.

To listen to future classes, live and recorded, subscribe for the same cost as a weekly Starbucks Latte.

Click below to visit our first on-site class recording.

Deconstructing Burnout
Recording of a live guided meditation class on burnout - 1 December 2022


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