About the new Member's area

About the new Member's area
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You may have noticed that the main menu on the site has changed.

The main menu now contains the following links to pages:

  • Home - click this to return to the homepage from anywhere on the site
  • About - About Robert (recently updated), the site, and the site subscriptions.
  • Reviews - Reviews of my work with individuals and organisations.
  • Members - This is the new member's area - details are below.
  • Contact - Contact me
  • Account - Change your account and subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter.

Clicking on the Members link in the main menu will bring you to the Member's page, where you can find the following sections:

  • The Free Weekly Insight Newsletter.
  • Your Personal Billing Portal.
  • Classes.
  • About The Deepening Course.
  • Links to the About page.

My Free Weekly Insight Newsletter gives tips, techniques, articles, podcasts and information to support your mindfulness and resilience journey.

Clicking the Insights link on the member's area page will take you to the archive of published Insight posts. The posts will continue to be available on the main list on the home page.

Your Personal Billing Portal will take you to your Stripe dashboard. Stripe is my payment partner. On your Stripe dashboard, you can see all of your payments and manage your subscription.

On the Classes link, you will find the Classes posts archive. They will continue to be available on the main list on the home page.

The About The Deepening Course section has a link which tells you everything you need to know about The Deepening Course. In time The Deepening Course will have its own members area.

The About section holds all the information you need on the site, membership, and subscriptions.

Check out the new Member's area

Members Area
Here members can find everything they need to know.Subscription is free.


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