New Podcast Episode - Meditating on Emptiness

New Podcast Episode - Meditating on Emptiness

In line with my new practice of releasing a podcast as soon as possible after running the live class, today's class and podcast are on Meditating on Emptiness.

You may have heard about meditating on emptiness. Or you may have experienced it. Meditating on emptiness is a key part of Buddhist practice and is something every meditator experiences at some point on their meditative journey.

In this class, I explain and guide the practices that I use and which help me experience emptiness.

I also explain the benefits and potential pitfalls of meditating on emptiness.

Meditating on emptiness meditations

  • Meditating on the space in a jar
  • Meditating on the space in the room
  • Meditating on the space outside of the building
  • Moving our awareness back into the body and meditating on the space in the inner body
  • Moving our awareness into the body

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