Weekly Insight - Managing Emotional Energy

Weekly Insight - Managing Emotional Energy

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This week's insight is a podcast (link below) supported by this article.

For this week's insight article, I have a few suggestions for your meditations and practices in the area of energy.

Managing your energy with meditation

To learn how to manage your energy in your day, there is nothing more useful than meditation. You can learn to meditate (if you haven't already subscribed) by joining our online live group meditation classes on The Meditation Course.

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Advice on starting a meditation practice

Start small with your meditation practices. The autopilot is strong within us and releasing it is an ongoing process, not a single step. A few minutes or moments of presence that we didn't previously have is a starting point that we can build on.

Beware that the mind will try to create a competition to stay present. Presence is not an absence of thought, it's a state of becoming ever more comfortable with thought through building familiarity with thought, emotion, and our responses and our experiences.

Emotional Energy

With this practice of Presence (mindfulness), you will become aware of your energy levels: cognitive energy (concentration and focus), spiritual energy (will, motivation, drive), physical energy (tiredness and alertness), and emotional energy (if your emotional energy is depleted, you experience emotional overwhelm or feel anger and resentment).

You can work on boosting all your energy levels. For example, you can preserve emotional energy by saying no, asking for help, and realizing very deeply that you can't ever make anyone happy. Let go of the sense that you are responsible for their happiness, or responsible in any way for reducing their suffering. Especially as a mum, and especially as someone that is working to reduce the suffering of others.

You can use the compassion practices I teach as a foundation for managing your emotional boundaries.

Realise deeply that once you have done the work you need to do to provide others with the means to end their suffering, your job is done! You have given them the tools. You can't use the tools for them. They need to learn how to use them.

None of that is you, it is all them. To recover you must learn to release it.

I hope all that helps.


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