Equanimity and the mythical daily meditation practice

Equanimity and the mythical daily meditation practice
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This is a combined weekly insight for last week and this. Both insights are podcast episodes, and here is a short article explaining them.

The mythical daily meditation practice

There is a small fraction of society that can add significant tasks to their schedule and integrate them into their lives through willpower. This is less than 5% of the population. Everyone else has to juggle many responsibilities and tasks and varying levels of time pressure. Adopting the mythical 30-minute daily meditation practice becomes increasingly impractical as time goes on.

We need to find ways to integrate mindfulness and meditation practices into our lives rather than change our lives to fit around them.

I find that committed meditators have integrated meditation into their lives. They have found a practice that works for them at a time and a place that benefits them.

It must be a frictionless practice as part of a strategy rather than an attempt to enforce a meditation schedule with a cast-iron will.

In this podcast, I discuss this and teach some frictionless meditations.

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The Frictionless Way
The Meditation Course


Equanimity is a state of mental calmness and emotional stability, especially in adversity. It is the ability to remain composed and level-headed amid chaos. Many people strive to achieve equanimity because it allows them to handle difficult situations with grace and poise and to make clear-headed decisions.

There is a mountain of supporting research to provide evidence that mindfulness promotes equanimity for regular practitioners.

With equanimity, thoughts and emotions become less intense.
Letting go of intense Thoughts and emotions is a crucial mindfulness and meditation practice. I discuss equanimity and teach letting go and releasing practices in this podcast.

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Equanimity - New Podcast Episode
Learn how mindfulness meditation can bring balance, harmony and equanimity.


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