Connection to Nature in the Present Moment

Connection to Nature in the Present Moment

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We connect to nature each and every moment of our lives.

The sense that we are somehow separate from somehow is an illusion.

The concept that humanity's purpose is to overcome nature is an illusion that has been fostered by our society and its predecessors. This is largely come about through political and religious expedience. The artificial world that humans create is no different to the artificial world the ants and termites create.

The notion of separation is at the heart of our ability to separate ourselves from the destruction that we wreak on nature and on each other.

There is no real reason why humans can't live in harmony with nature. By nature I mean the link living organism of planet Earth.

In this session I focus on how deeply connected we are in the present moment through a sensory experience and through the air that we breathe.

Making this a practice will help you to release these harmful beliefs, reconnect to yourself, present moment, nature, and others.

This is our heritage. It's our legacy and we can retrieve it so long as we spend the time to do so.

I hope you enjoy this meditation class.





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