Unit D7: Meditation Growth and Wellbeing

Post-Traumatic Growth

Post-Traumatic Growth is a process identified by psychologists. Possibly it is the only sort of growth there is. Meditation is a very powerful way of unravelling the complexity and confusion of the mind after adversity and shock.

Post Traumatic Growth and a Healthy Mind

To end the Growth and Wellbeing month I intend to cover these subjects today and tomorrow. I shall cover my recipe for a healthy mind and explain how adversity and trauma shapes our resilience. All the meditations will be taught from the perspective of recovering from adversity.

Pandemic Burnout

The pandemic and lockdown have created a 'unique in our lifetimes' combination of anxieties and stress. To help us to cope with these stresses, there are a number of skills that we can use to counteract the effects.

Gratitude and resilience

In this class, which will be live streamed directly on Podbean, We shall explore how are gratitude practices help us to cope with adversity.