The Mental Clarity Test

The Mental Clarity Test

In the modern world, our attention is drawn to a constantly unfolding set of problems and a list of things to do. The problems and the things to do are continuously replaced by more things to do and more problems.


Our attention will dwell on whatever it sees as the most significant problems. These may not be our problems. They might be problems associated with some global crisis. We consume the latest crisis when we watch TV news or read a newspaper. The brain is a problem-solving instrument. If it doesn't have a problem to solve, it will find one.

A Life Spent on Autopilot

While all this is happening to our one and only attention, our body moves through our lives on autopilot. None of this is helpful for our happiness or mental or physical health.

A healthy mind is calm, focused, and relaxed. It can choose what to focus on. A healthy mind doesn't exist to move from one problem or task to another. It could, for instance, choose to focus on the experience of the present moment.

Gaining Perspective

A healthy mind can choose a calm, still, relaxed and focused awareness of the sensory experience of the present moment. This experience of the present moment provides perspective. This calm, focused, relaxed awareness of the present moment is called mindfulness or Presence.

Experiencing Presence is like climbing out of a forest and up a hill to look around and view the landscape so we can make the best choices for our route through the forest rather than stumbling through it hoping to find our way out of the maze.

Training for A Healthy Mind

To replace the compulsive nature of modern thought with a calm, relaxed, focused awareness, we need to train ourselves to do it. Because we've had decades of training to be perpetual problem solvers, we need at least a few years of training to become present and aware.

The Mental Clarity Test

To learn if your mind is trapped by compulsive thoughts, you only need to spend four hours alone with no distractions and observe your mind.

If you can't complete four hours or if the experience is a battle with your mind to calm or focus it, you need to take the time to learn how to manage it.

Meditation is mental training for focus, calmness, relaxation and clarity. Check out my courses and classes to learn more.

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