Mood And Meditation

Mood And Meditation

This article is a transcription from a podcast, which I recorded during a recent live group, guided meditation class.

The link to the podcast is below.

Introduction: The Intersection of Mood and Meditation

Many people turn to meditation to manage their moods. They might be feeling anxious, despairing, sad, or lonely, and believe that meditation will help alleviate these feelings or help them understand their emotions better.

Managing Your Expectations: The Long-term Benefits of Meditation

Expectation can lead to disappointment when results don't appear as quickly as desired. We're accustomed to instant gratification, akin to the Amazon Prime aspect of modern life. However, the benefits of meditation accrue gradually, much like the process that resulted in our current emotional state.

The Accumulation of Low Moods: A Slow Healing Process

Many of us experience low moods that have developed slowly, perhaps even over decades. Unraveling and healing these feelings will similarly take time. Meditation allows us to intervene in our mood patterns and process our emotions.

Diverse Strategies: Alternating Between Methods to Improve Mood

But because meditation is a slow-burn process, it often can't elicit the necessary changes on its own. I've noticed that people frequently alternate between various strategies to try to enhance their mood. They might try therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. They might also make lifestyle changes, switch jobs or careers, or improve their relationships.

Therapy and Meditation: The Essential Partnership

Most therapists and coaches understand that their clients often need the support of a consistent meditation practice alongside therapy. Part of a therapist's role is to provide psychological support for the life changes you're making. I regularly have students referred to me by therapists and coaches, and many therapists are also my students.

The Need for a Comprehensive Strategy: Tailoring Approaches to Individual Needs

Major improvements necessitate substantial changes. Don't expect meditation alone to provide all the solutions. Change requires action. Significant change requires significant action. You need a comprehensive strategy tailored to your needs. Any of the methods I've mentioned will help on their own, but none alone will create the life changes  you need  to truly transform how you feel.

Podcast Episode - Mood and Meditation

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