Mindfulness, Insight and Learning

Mindfulness, Insight and Learning

Mindfulness is a Learning Platform

Someone asked me yesterday for a list of the benefits of mindfulness, and interestingly, the thing that popped into my mind instantly was that it's a platform for learning. What I mean by that is this.

Mindfulness and Problem-Solving

If you think about those times when you find a solution to a problem, very rarely are they when you're trying to solve it. Usually, it comes about when you've gone for a walk, you're in a different environment, showering or doing something entirely unrelated to the problem.

The Concept of Intuition

And the reason for that is because this is a thing that's known as intuition. Intuition is our mind presenting us with a solution or presenting us with another piece of the jigsaw that helps us construct a viable, consistent, coherent and sustainable reality.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Insight

One of the many things that meditation brings is what's known as insight. Insight is wisdom, it's innate wisdom about how to live, how to live our lives. Insight is inner wisdom about the human condition. It's the things that we already knew but don't act as though they're true. We haven't integrated them into our lives. They arise as realisations.

Mindfulness and Calmness

One of the benefits of mindfulness meditation is calmness. This calm mind is the ideal state to enable insights to arise. So, growing calmness is a key benefit of mindfulness and meditation. It's part of the learning aspect. We're relearning how to learn before our minds became filled with information, much of it conflicting.

Long-Term Impact of Mindfulness

What happens over time is that we become confident enough in our ability to gain insight. We can then approach complex problems fearlessly, knowing that our future self has the skills to make better choices. This takes much of the stress and anxiety out of making significant changes and confronting difficult decisions.

Diverse Levels of Mindfulness Benefits

I often explain that the benefits of mindfulness and meditation operate at many different levels. Everything from reducing stress to improving our relationships, helping us to relate with others through mindful communication, providing an alternative to a repetitive inner narrative, and allowing us to find purpose, meaning, fulfilment and significance in a world that seems to be determined to replace all that with consumer anxiety.

Tailoring Mindfulness to Individual Needs

Sometimes when I'm teaching a group of students that I know are all experienced, such as in last Tuesday's class, I teach practices that help them learn to calm their minds and create clarity in different ways so that they have a toolbox to help them to be more aware of their insights. They need to be able to calm their minds and create clarity in different ways so they have a toolkit of practices to work with differing psychophysiological states, such as being stressed, worried, angry, resentful, overwhelmed, busy or whatever else.

Addressing Modern Life with Mindfulness

We need different approaches for all of these facets of modern life. Thanks for reading this far. I will produce more articles on this subject in-between the other themes I'm exploring.

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