Calming The Monkey Mind - A 4-week course

Calming The Monkey Mind - A 4-week course
Why does my mind seem to work against me?
Why do I find choice difficult? Why does my mind become so busy when I need sleep? Why do I procrastinate? Why do I become obsessed or avoidant? Why can't it all just be simpler and easier?

These are common experiences for many of us in the modern world. Sometimes it can feel as though this inner conflict creates a deadlock that we can't escape from.

A combination of science and wisdom tradition knowledge (and simple common sense) provides an explanation of this with simple models of the mind and a framework that you can work with.

Underlying this is set of practices and techniques that allow us to work with, become familiar with, and finally become comfortable with our minds.

Join us in this journey to building a relationship with our minds that will serve us best in an ever-changing and complex world.

Session 1. - Introduction to The Monkey Mind

About the Monkey Mind

What is it?

Why do you have it?

What can you do about it?

Session 2. - A Calm Mind Framework

To work with the mind we need guidance. Models and maps of the mind can explain what we experience and why the mind responds as it does.
The Framework is a set of mental models of the mind that allow us to navigate it in a useful way.

Session 3. - The path to a calm mind

One thing that meditation teachers have a tendency not to explain is what to expect from your meditation journey.
Meditation is the set of tools that we use to become familiar and comfortable with the mind.
Although everybody of course is different, the benefits of meditation are quite consistent and in this class, I shall describe my experience and experience of my students in our collective journey to learn to calm the monkey mind.

Session 4. -  The Language of The Monkey Mind

The language of the mind is not just the spoken word, although that's very important.
It is also symbols and emotion and the sense of taking an action. The desire and drive for action.
These, plus some other more subtle elements of our experience, constitute a state of mind which we can become aware of. This is the language that the mind uses to gain our attention and direct our focus.
In this class, I shall provide a dictionary to help you translate it.

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