Can't Meditate, Won't Meditate - New Podcast Episode

Can't Meditate, Won't Meditate - New Podcast Episode
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Today's podcast episode is an experiment. I published this episode within 30 minutes of teaching it online!

I realise this episode won't be as polished as normal, but it means it gets published without me waiting for a spot for audio editing, and those who listen to the classes live can go back and listen again to a class on the podcast if they wish.

Most of these podcast episodes are live classes I teach in person and online.
I run these live guided meditation classes four times each week throughout most of the year for the same price as a weekly Starbucks latte.
Visit to join us.

Learning to meditate isn't about developing steel-willed motivation, determination and discipline.

Learning to meditate is about finding the practice that works for you and that you can fit into your life.

I have developed my meditation guidance around helping my students to find those practices that are most frictionless and that you can most easily integrate into your lives.

In this class, I outline a strategy for those of you struggling to find the time, energy and focus for a regular sitting meditation practice.

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