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Join The Community - Become A Supporter

Dear friends,

This is a quick message mainly for free site subscribers.

I hope this message finds you well and you're enjoying the content I provide on the podcast and on this site. I'm constantly working to improve and expand my training and I'm totally focused on the needs and interests of my podcast listeners and my site subscribers.

My goal for the podcast is to have multiple weekly episodes but the reason this isn't happening is that I'm focused on delivering the in-person and subscription training that is my source of income. To deliver two to four podcast episodes each week I need some support from you, my podcast listeners.

I completely understand that some of you might be happy to continue enjoying the free content and I'm really pleased that I am able to offer it without charge. But if you're someone that values my work and wants to help me continue to produce the best possible content, I'd be grateful if you would consider becoming a podcast supporter. Your contribution will enable me to maintain and grow the podcast.

Like with everything else I do, my primary focus is to make it accessible and inclusive. I don't want anyone ever to not be able to access my training because they don't have the means.

Because of that, the Podcast Supporters membership will always be fixed to the price of a monthly Starbucks extra shot caramel latte.

Also for those of you that might want to make a donation, here is a link to my Buy Me A Coffee page:

To subscribe all you need to do is visit, click on the green button and you're a supporter. The site will get your email address, you will get the monthly podcast newsletter and you will also get the weekly-ish Insights newsletter which often supports a podcast episode.

Also as a site member, you'll become part of our community and you'll be notified about all of the things I plan to do for the podcast community in future such as live/streams, Q&A and workshops

Bless you, for listening this far, and click the relevant button below if you'd like to join us.

Deepest Blessings,


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