An Appreciation Meditation - Podcast

An Appreciation Meditation - Podcast

From a Sunday Evening class I taught on Sunday 29 August.

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About the Appreciation Meditation I teach

The meditation is a slightly amended version of the Appreciation meditation in the book The Restful Mind by Gyalwa Dokhampa.

It is the only book that I have had a 100% positive response for recommending it. A clear and concise explanation of meditation and its benefits with no religious dogma despite the author being an eminent Buddhist monk.

You can buy it from to avoid using Amazon.

The Restful Mind
The restless mind is frightened of silence, easily bored, and busy, busy, busy. The restful mind is creative and alert, relaxed and confident. The step from one to the other is all in the way we think. His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa has a real understanding of the pressures of modern …


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