About the 4-Week Pranayama Course

About the 4-Week Pranayama Course


Pranayama is breath-work training and some associated practices. It is designed to regulate stress and emotions such as anxiety. These are ideal practices to learn in these difficult times.

This is cutting edge training. You will get an opportunity to learn and practice with the group. The training includes the very latest science-backed practices.

This will not be like any Pranayama course that you will have done in the past.

About Pranayama

Prāṇāyāma (Sanskrit: प्राणायाम prāṇāyāma) - Prana = Breath. Ayama=Extend

Pranayama is an ancient yogic technique of balancing the mind and body by regulating the breath.

Admission is normally £49.00 ($63 USD) - Free of charge for non-members of the The Meditation Course

Why Learn Pranayama?

Lockdown is adversity for many people in many ways.

Adversity can be both a challenge and an opportunity.

Adversity is an opportunity to build the skills we will need to help us cope right now, and also to prepare for the inevitable next adversity.

Robert and Pranayama

I have taught breath-based meditation since 2013 to tens of thousands of students, both in-person and online.

Throughout this period, I have taught Pranayama. I have also learned how useful it is for my students for emotional regulation and stress management.

This course focuses on using Pranayama to manage stress and anxiety.

Pranayama is used by the military, athletes, and professionals in high-stress environments.

About the Training

The training consists of four live-streamed classes, recorded on YouTube.

I suggest you take the course over either four weeks or with at least five days between classes to practice. You can also binge-watch it of course!

There are suggested home practices for each week.

You will learn, over four weeks, how Pranayama can help you build focus, calmness, mindfulness and relaxation.

Syllabus and schedule.


  1. Introduction to Pranayama
  2. Pranayama and Anxiety
  3. Pranayama and Stress
  4. Pranayama and Mindfulness

Class 1. An Introduction to Pranayama

  1. What is Pranayama?
  2. The History of Pranayama
  3. The Science of Pranayama
  4. The Spirit of Pranayama
  5. Pranayama Basic Practices
  6. Home Practice

Class 2. Pranayama for Fear and Anxiety

  1. About Fear and Anxiety
  2. Best Pranayama for Anxiety
  3. Home Practices

Class 3. Pranayama for Stress

  1. Stress Management
  2. Autonomic State
  3. Autonomic State Management
  4. Autonomic State Regulation
  5. Home Practices

Class 4. Pranayama and Mindfulness

  1. About Mindfulness
  2. About Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Pranayama for Mindfulness
  4. Home Practices and continued training

For Current Students

If you are a Paid Subscriber of The Meditation Course, or of The Loving Awareness Meditation Course, the Pranayama Course is free of charge.

Click the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page to Subscribe for the same price as a weekly Starbucks latte.



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