A Message from Robert on the end of Lockdown and the Great Reconnection

A Message from Robert on the end of Lockdown and the Great Reconnection

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Hi everyone,

I hope that you're all well.

Here is a message to all of my Podcast listeners, followers, online course members, and students.

Now is a critical time for us to reconnect.
We are social animals.
We are designed to connect and collaborate.
Being locked down and separated from others is actually one of the worst things that you can do to human beings.

That is why is the ultimate punishment in prison.

You may think that everything is fine and dandy but your genetic primal circuits are responding to the trauma of separation.

The way that this happens, and I have seen it many many times, is through avoidance of connection and contact.

It comes across as just not feeling like going out. Not feeling like connecting.

But as the vaccines do their work,  and as COVID-19 diminishes to the point where it's no longer a risk, we will all need to reconnect.

My job is to help all of my students to be as ready for that re-connection as they possibly can.

What I've done to achieve that is to redesign the six-week mindfulness-based resilience course that I've been teaching since 2014 and that I've taught to over 1000 students since then.

I'm aware that many of you use the resources that I provide online to dip in and out of.
That's great!
That's what they are designed for.
But this is different. We are no longer in infinite lockdown. When we Do reconnect, it needs to be in a way that benefits us the most.

These are the changes that I've made to the course.

  • The course is now deeply focused on emotional regulation.
  • Emotional regulation practices now runs through the entire course as a theme.
  • I've included new stress management tools that I've learned during lockdown, largely from neuroscientific studies.
  • I've extended the new stress management tools to integrate them into the core structure and make them easier to learn.
  • I've integrated the six week course into the meditation course which is my online training.
  • Because of this, it won't really feel like the course ends.
  • My online training is several live streams each week. Largely the live streams are on topics related to what you Will have already learned on the course so there is an opportunity to continuously revisit what you've learned, develop your skills and grow along with the rest of the student base, most of whom are doing exactly the same thing.
  • As far as I'm aware, this isn't available anywhere else.

Here are the course details.

The course starts this Tuesday, the 8th of June 2021 and runs for six Tuesdays.
There are online and in-person options.  If you purchase the in-person option, you can mix-and-match by choosing to attend some sessions online and others in person.
Each class is recorded so if you miss it you can catch up by viewing the class online.
On completion, you get three months free access to the meditation course which is the year round live-streamed meditation course that I have been running throughout 2020 and 2021.

The timing is 7 pm in London, 2pm New York, 1 pm Chicago, 12 pm in Denver and 11 am in San Francisco.

Pricing is - in British pounds. £185 in-person and £149 online. In US$210 for the online version.

To join us on the course, Visit greatreconnection.com. (all one word)
I've put that in the details below. If you have any problems contact me through any means that you wish but you're probably best going to the course website and contacting me through there.



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