Meditations To Calm The Inner Narrative

Meditations To Calm The Inner Narrative

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We all have a voice in our heads, and that voice tells a story. I call this voice the Inner Narrative.

Our Inner Narrative can become unhelpful, destructive, or self-destructive. It can weaken us instead of strengthening us.

Thought has what I call momentum. Over time, our Inner Narratives can become more intense. It can fixate on one or a few subjects and become really unhelpful. This self-destructive process is intensified by consuming the fear-based narrative of the media.

To counteract all of this, we need a powerful set of tools that have stood the test of time and are backed by a growing mountain of scientific research.

We need to get our focus back from the voice in our heads that is being continuously enhanced by a stream of continuous messaging from the media to us, and to our peers.

This is the place where the focused-based meditations I've been teaching meets our Inner Narrative.

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Meditations to calm the inner narrative

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