Deconstructing Burnout

Deconstructing Burnout
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Burnout - what is it, how does it come about, and what can we do to avoid or recover from it?

This is the supporting recording for a class delivered live on 1 December 2022.

From today, each guided meditation class will be available live and as a recording on The Meditation Course website at

I will upload the recording to the same web page as the live link. To access it from the post email, click the VIEW ONLINE link at the top of the email.

After uploading, I will post an update in The Meditation Course WhatsApp group.

I shall be trialling this throughout December. You can give feedback to me on how it works for you and ask any questions you have by either commenting on the website post itself (below) or by sending me a message on WhatsApp (also below).

Deconstructing Burnout

The Meditation begins at 10:45

Deconstructing burnout Final

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