Book Ep. 5 About The Supporting Meditations

Book Ep. 5 About The Supporting Meditations
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Everyone is different in meditation, in the same way, that we are all unique in our other attributes. Different meditations benefit different meditation students, at different times, and in different ways.

The Supporting Meditations are a set of mindfulness meditations that I teach new mediators and that take into account these differences. Too often meditation is taught as a one-size-fits-all exercise which isn't helpful.

You can pick one of these. Whichever helps to calm your mind the most. It can then become the foundation of your practice.

There is a meditation in this set for every sort of mind.

The goal of teaching these meditations is to help new meditators find a practice that calms their minds early in their training. This provides a frictionless introduction to meditation and encourages the mind to meditate regularly. Meditation can become a positive experience instead of a stressful one!

There are three Supporting Meditations

  • Counting the Breaths
  • Noting Thoughts
  • The Candle and The Breath

How to use the Supporting Meditations

Below is an image that you can save to your device. It is a flow diagram outlining how to work through the supporting meditations to build your practice. It should be self-evident but please do let me know if any questions arise.

If any supporting meditation becomes difficult, revisit the flow diagram below and begin again.

Save the image below to your device so you can zoom in, or view it in a laptop or desktop web browser for easy viewing.



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