The Kincentricity Manifesto

The Kincentricity Manifesto
Kincentricity is the recognition that we are all part of a global family of living beings and that we share this kinship with all life throughout the world.

This is your one and only life. Don't take it for granted.

Connect on a deeper level, with every tree, every creature, every ripple in the water and every gust of wind. Feel the harmony of the pulse of life that resonates within us all.

Kincentricity is connection. Not just connections you can see but the invisible connections that bind us to the earth and to every other living being.

Celebrate these ties that make us one family.

Acknowledge the diversity of our global family. Every being, species and ecosystem contributes to the rich and vibrant, thriving tapestry of life.

Strive to understand these relationships, for they reveal the infinite interconnectedness of our world. Respect and protect our shared kinship.

Be a steward of nature, safeguard it for your successors. Your action or inaction will echo throughout the web of life for all time.

Reciprocity isn't just giving and taking, it's balance and harmony.

Restore the balance, feel the harmony.

Understand that our kinship extends from the deepest ocean trench to the highest mountain peak.

Embrace our shared ancestry, our shared home and all its magnificent and fragile beauty.

Walk the path of compassion and respect. Every choice and every action leaves an imprint on this ecological family. Choose wisely and kindly for the health of our world and our global family of living beings.

Seek knowledge about our shared origins and destiny with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Remember that wisdom is a shared treasure that is magnified each time it's shared.

Trust in the life energy of our living planet. Let it guide you when you're detached and inspire you when you're disheartened. Tap into the infinite well of calm that we all share, and that resides within us all. Recognise this potent force as a source of hope, strength and resilience.

Live with kincentricity at the heart of your life. Celebrate each sunrise and sunset, each season, and each cycle of life with gratitude.

We're not just coexisting. To survive, we need to interconnect. And remember, this kinship isn't just about being; it's about evolving together.

This is your experience. This is your world. Remember that This is your One Life. Live it in connection to your global family of living beings.