Learn how the particular circumstances of the pandemic are affecting our mental health and what you can do about it.

What is Pandemic Burnout?

Pandemic burnout is a phrase that has a tendency to be used about the level of stress suffered by healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Evidence is now available that there is a wave of distress in the general population (see the Guardian article below).

Burnout is a term that is used in relation to work-related stress. The stress of working in a toxic environment for example, over time, leads to psychological overwhelm.

What are the symptoms of Burnout?

At some point the subject becomes overwhelmed emotionally.

Symptoms are lack of motivation, anger, blame, and a sense of having lost control.

Psychologists and physicians interpret this as the emergence of some sort of mental illness such as anxiety or depression.

What is the cause?

The trigger of these symptoms are isolation, a sense of separation, endless uncertainty and the drivers of fear and anxiety around health, safety and security.

This is a further fragmentation of society heaped on top of the barrage of social isolation that has been served up over the last few years.

What to do?

There is a very specific response to the experience of the pandemic and lockdown that will offset these effects.

We need to re-engage and reconnect.

In this class I shall focus on how.

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The Guardian

Extent of mental health crisis in England at ‘terrifying’ level
Psychiatrists warn of overrun NHS after record number of children and adults sought help amid pandemic

Article from British Journal of General Practice on how meditation can help with pandemic burnout.

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An Italian study discovers how Mindfulness is a Psychological Protective Factor in the Pandemic

Mindfulness, Age and Gender as Protective Factors Against Psychological Distress During COVID-19 Pandemic
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