Further live streams from Chantry on Tuesdays

A link to today's class and no more live streams from this week until connectivity improves at Chantry Studios

Further live streams from Chantry on Tuesdays
Photo by the blowup / Unsplash

Hi Everyone,

There is a link below to a recording of today's class but I am afraid that I shall have to give up on the Tuesday live streams. For some reason the mobile signal from there has deteriorated on both of the networks I have access to!

I have tried every option and I shall continue to monitor the avaliable bandwidth whenever I teach there but until further notice I am afraid the Tuesdays are off for a live stream.

Blessing to all those of you that have persevered and tried to connect over the last few weeks.

Instead I shall record the sessions and make them available on the premium podcast which you can access here for a lifetime fee of $20US which is currently hovering around £15 Sterling.

I have added the session from today. You can find it here:

I am running a class from the mansion this Thursday at 11 am and I shall endeavour to connect from there!