Free training videos on mindfulness, meditation and resilience

Free training videos on mindfulness, meditation and resilience

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Free 60-second training videos posted in the Facebook group so far:

  1. The way mindfulness is taught its almost guaranteed to fail
  2. Learn to meditate in a frictionless way
  3. How you can succeed in learning meditation
  4. What you will learn in my courses you wont learn elsewhere
  5. Meditation - Am I doing it right?
  6. About Focus
  7. The Three Good things
  8. Mindfulness and Attention Capture
  9. Walking Meditation
  10. Clarity Meditation
  11. Learn the power of walking meditation
  12. What is the minimum you can do to build a meditation practice?
  13. Can you control your mind with meditation?
  14. Forget About Controlling Your Mind
  15. What is unconditional authenticity?
  16. Why You Need Resilience to be Yourself
  17. How To Start Building Resilience
  18. Stress Management Tip 2 - Posture
  19. resilience-training-101
  20. Learn a critical component of calmness - the inner body
  21. The Third Eye - What it Really Is
  22. Coping with Overwhelm


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