Dealing With Difficult People - the Key Practices

Dealing With Difficult People - the Key Practices
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This audio was recorded from a 90-minute workshop I ran on Thursday, 22 December 2022, for members of The Meditation Course.

The workshop is an introduction to my popular one-day dealing with difficult people training class that I have been teaching since 2016

In this intensive 22-minute class, I focus purely on a small set of practices that you can use to regulate your stress and your emotions.

These are all tried and tested practices with the most significant effects that can be learned quickly.

You only need a few short training sessions to make some of these practices your own. And then you're in a position to integrate them into your life to transform how you deal with uncomfortable situations and difficult people.


  • Breathing into the belly for difficult emotions and difficult interactions - 03:22
  • Returning to the breath - 05:58
  • Ujjayi Breath - 08:21
  • Pranayama - 09:30
  • Character counting - 12:42
  • Counting the breaths. Focusing on the extended out-breath - 15:22
  • Butterfly hug - 17:30

The Key Practices Audio

Dealing With Difficult People - Key Practices

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