Our culture doesn't teach us the truth. Our cultural narrative has its origins in folklore. Most changes reflect the interests of the powerful in their quest to maintain the status quo.

Because of this, we get no closer to understanding the nature of our lives.
The mind is a taboo subject. It is the province of priests and the new scientific priesthood despite the fact that we all have a mind and our experiences are similar enough to speak about openly and comfortably.

In our supposedly progressive world, the mind is now seen only as a source of mental illness in the same way it was once seen solely as a source of sin.

The mantle of the priest has fallen on the shoulders of the scientists and we are no closer to a common language of the mind or education in the tools we can use to explore it safely.

This is why the mindfulness and meditation practices of the Eastern wisdom traditions have become so popular. Eastern religions have curated meditation in the same way that the Western church curated art.

Art and meditation can still be used as celebrations of spirituality but more importantly, they are becoming ways of exploring and celebrating our humanity in a global culture that denies that humanity ever more over time.